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Friday, July 19, 2013

ADKOF Celebration - Trunk Show Highlights!

Hola, ADKOF fans!

Nicole here. It's a little bit later than I planned (okay, okay... A LOT later), but I wanted to let all of our online friends know about the marvelous time had at our most recent A Different Kind of Flair Trunk Show!

If you didn't know, we recently launched our very own website - www.adifferentkindofflair.com - and boy are we stoked about it! The site itself is a ton of work (which Rachel most graciously takes upon herself) and this whole thing is still completely new to us, but we're always a work in progress no matter how smoothly things are rolling. Take a few minutes to hop on over and check it out, and be sure to let us know what you think!

In order to celebrate such a marvelous milestone, we decided to throw a party in our own way - a super duper awesome Trunk Show with lots of gorgeous things to look at and lovely SALES to go with them! SO many of our pieces sold at the show, so be sure to check and see if your favorite is on the website; if not, we'd be happy to do our best to make another similar to it! Check out the highlights below! So many exclamation points!

Displaying our stash of Emerald pieces.

Emerald IS the color of the year, you know!

THUNDER UP! We have to show our support for our favorite team with a bit of flair!

Earrings galore!

Take a basket and get your shop on! :)

Ah... the perks of being an ADKOF customer.

Midnight in Times Square... still available at www.adifferentkindofflair.com!

Only some of the gorgeous pieces for sale at the trunk show.

One of our favorite pieces to be sold at the show!

Because it's not an ADKOF trunk show without goodies for your taste buds!

Palomino - still for sale at www.adifferentkindofflair.com!
Rachel made this piece right before the show and another one for herself because it is that gorgeous!

 High Tea - still available ONLY at www.adifferentkindofflair.com!

Nicole, Rachel, and Bernice - your ADKOF team!

Thanks for stopping by our humble little blog and spending a part of your day with us! We're planning LOTS of fun things for Fall - including some goodies for our 1 year re-launch anniversary - so keep your eye out for more news from your ADKOF team!

P.S. - We recently met our goal of 200 Likes on Facebook and we're SO excited! A huge "thank you" goes out to our beloved fans for that one. If you haven't done so yet, look for A Different Kind of Flair on Facebook and "Like" us (be sure to add us to a favorite pages list so you can see our updates - check our Facebook note on how to do that)! We love you guys!

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