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Saturday, September 29, 2012

It Makes You Stronger

Well folks, tonight's ADKOF post will mirror a post on my personal blog (www.caribbeanislandhousewife.blogspot.com) this week, but I just had to share.  Nicole and I have been so incredibly inspired and amazed at the progress that Bernice has made throughout her process of surgery, recovery, and now chemotherapy.  I get texts and pictures from her often, and when I do they really make my day.  Without fail they put a smile on my face!  We've talked before about her starting
"Chemo Kumihimo" (check it out here), and this week I got a picture of her doing just that.  And, as always, she's looking completely smashing:

I can't wait to see what the finished product is!  Those gold faceted beads are beautiful!  At any rate, we wanted to update you all on her amazing progress and share an official Chemo Kumihimo picture with you all!  Don't forget to hit the Etsy Site this weekend and claim your 20% OFF COUPON before this Monday October 1st at midnight!  Enter code ADKOFLAUNCH or OKCFAN2 (if you're a local customer who would like the pick up/delivery option) to get your fab discount!

P.S.-Girls. make sure you show your hubbies and bf's and dads and sons what you like on our site!  We will be starting a promo for our "men folk" to go on and purchase stuff FOR YOU here in a few weeks!  

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Creative Juices are Still Flowing!

We wanted to let everyone know that even though we have officially launched, what you see at www.differentkindofflair.etsy.com is most certainly NOT the only pieces you'll see there!  As a matter of fact, we have a goal of uploading new things every week or so!  Check out this piece that Bernice just completed this week (it will make it's way to the Etsy site here in a few days...):

We call it True Love.  Gorgeous right?!  It is crafted of an antique pewter cross and heart and a Mother of Pearl disk.  We love it!  It's another one of our long chain charm necklaces which are hot, hot, hot on the website right now (hint, hint...if you've fallen in love with one of them on the Etsy site I wouldn't wait too much longer to snap it up...they're going like hot cakes!).

You have officially 1 more day to enter the giveaway at The Framed Lady and (another hint, hint) go to  our Facebook page (or click like over on the right) and like us to get some hints on big fat discount codes (if you haven't already).  You've got until Monday night to take advantage of those!  Happy shopping!

Your ADKOF Team

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Welcome to ADKOF!

If you're a newcomer, we are so excited that you're here!  Take a browse around our site here and have a look at some of our designs!  You're actually in luck, because as we speak, our designs are going up on our Etsy site which is www.differentkindofflair.etsy.com.  Go check it out and stake your claim on the perfect Flair for you!  We are so happy to be offering a 20% off coupon code to ALL our giveaway entries, but even more excited to potentially offer a 30% off coupon if we gain more than 50 followers on our blog during this giveaway!  So tell your friends!  

We're looking forward to hearing your comments on our designs and we can't wait for you to fall in love with our pieces like we have!  

If you're visiting ADKOF in passing and you want to get in on this fab giveaway, head on over to www.theframedlady.com and enter!  

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

ADKOF Launch Weekend Giveaway!

So the time has come, dear fans!  That's right, the giveaway is officially open for entry.  We are so encouraged by the volume of you that have already officially submitted your entries, and we just about can't wait to really give this set to a deserving fan!  We are also excited about giving out our Launch Weekend Coupon Codes which will be 20% off your entire order (every single one of you who completes an entry will get one!).  So here's another look at what you're entering to win!

The first necklace is a 27 1/2" silver chain necklace with a mother of pearl inlaid cross.  The corresponding necklace, which can be worn together with the cross or separate, is crafted of freshwater pearls.  The earrings are simple dangles with freshwater pearls and silver celtic inspired crosses.  The Hair Flair is actually 2 pieces; one with a simple mother of pearl button, and the second a raw silk flower with a complimentary mother of pearl button in the middle. 

These pieces are all complimentary to each other, but are also neutral enough to be worn separately.  We are so excited to extend this opportunity to all of our loyal fans, as we are fully in love with these pieces and feel that they give everyone a clear sense of our design aesthetic. 

Here's How to Enter:

1)Go to www.theframedlady.com on Friday morning

2) Follow the instructions for the giveaway!

And that's all folks!
Good luck!  

P.S.-We are so confident that this launch weekend will be a success!  We've got a nice following so far, but if we can get the GFC followers list to 50+, we'll bump up that coupon to 30% for all entries!  Tell your friends!!!

Friday, September 14, 2012

T-Minus 7 Days and Counting!

So literally THIS TIME NEXT WEEK, A Different Kind of Flair will be up and running and ready!  So this week entails finishing up the photography on our 70+ items that we're planning to list, getting those listings looking perfect on our Etsy.com site, AND coordinating our big giveaway (not to mention lots of other little admin details that I won't bore you with...)!  Big exciting week ahead!

We wanted to solicit a little help from our loyal fans.  As a "baby blog" we are slowly but surely gaining more followers and fans.  We are working to blend our Facebook following with our newest ADKOF blog following, and then of course broadening our reach.  So how can you help??  We've got this giveaway all slated and ready to go.  Pieces done, incentives decided on, etc.  Now we just need a venue!  We've considered hosting it here on our blog, and we still may.  However, we want to make this available to as many people as possible.  So we're looking for someone who might be willing to either host our giveaway on their blog, or maybe a handful of you to mention it in a post (if we host it here).  Any takers??  I'll tell you that there will be some sweet little perks for those of you willing to spread the ADKOF love!

If you're interested, please email me (Rachel) at IslandHousewife@gmail.com.  I can give you more details about what we're planning to do/give away and we can talk business!

In the meantime, keep checking back in the next few days as we approach our launch date.  I'll be posting some sneak peaks, discount opportunities, and promos as we approach our official LAUNCH WEEK!! Woohoo!!  I hope you guys are getting as excited as we are!

Your Jazzed ADKOF Team!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Further Sneak Peak

Check this baby out!

Gorgeous right??  Want it for yourself??  Yeah, I thought so!  This is the AMAZING stuff we are giving away next week!  We're still keeping the location of this giveaway a secret, but you can definitely put yourself in a great position early!
Here's what to do to give yourself a head start:

1)Click on "Join This Site" over on the right hand side.  That's Google Friend Connect!  
2)Click on "Like" on the right side to like us on FB
3)Be ready to receive a 20% off coupon code via FB next week (for ALL our followers) and keep your fingers crossed that your name gets drawn for this awesome set we lovingly refer to as Point of Grace!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Chemo Kumihimo

Bernice started her chemotherapy yesterday!  I just have to share this picture with our loyal ADKOF fans because when I got it on my phone, I just couldn't help but smile.  When I picture people going to chemotherapy sessions (which last anywhere from 4 to 6 hours sometimes), I picture sweats or jammies and no make up.  Not Bernice!  Here's what our beauty queen wore to chemo yesterday:

And yes, she's rocking one of the latest ADKOF designs that she got in the mail from me on Wednesday!  She decided that who better to market to than the chemo nurses, and how better to market than to actually sport our new designs.  She's a walking billboard  I told her that she looks like a page out of a magazine.  I might even send it somewhere because I think she looks practically angelic!

So if you're wearing an ADKOF design, you're wearing history in a nutshell.  Our family is wading through many milestones in our lives right now, so our inspiration for pieces a lot of the time comes from our experiences.  Who knows...you might just fall in love with one of Bernice's Chemo Kumihimo pieces (she's working on kumihimo bracelets while she sits through her sessions).  Kumihimo is an oriental style braid that you use a loom for.  Several of the beaded bracelets that I've already previewed here are kumihimo style.  Bernice decided to take advantage of her time by knocking out some jewelry designs!

We even picked up some materials to do some breast cancer awareness pieces in the month of October (National Breast Cancer Awareness Month), so we'll be putting those up pretty soon!  

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Lemme Share a Lil' Secret...

So, it's official!  I (Rachel) have shipped all my "Caribbean creations" to Nicole in Oklahoma City in preparation for our Launch Party and our official opening!  27 pieces in all including 7 pairs of earrings, 11 bracelets, and 8 necklaces.  Most of the pieces I have already previewed for you, but I thought I ought to leave at least a few for you to have to wait for!  Let me just say, though, that the pieces that rounded out my 27 are really beautiful.  As always, I had a hard time parting with them!

In addition to the excitement surrounding the official "ship to OKC", I want you all to start getting pumped also about the big promos we are about to launch!  For those of you loyal readers, you're already in luck!  If you're following our blog, you're 1/3 of the way there!  We want to let those of you who are already our loyal fans in on a little secret!  If you're following our blog and Twitter feed (@DifferentKindof) and you've "liked" us on Facebook, you're gonna get some serious perks!  I mean, serious man.  As a matter of fact, there may be a little bloggerific giveaway ADKOF style here pretty soon.  And by "may be" I mean, I would keep a serious eye out.  Like maybe more specifically...September 17th.  Where's the little giveaway gonna be held?  Well that's still a mystery.  I have to also tell you that this "little" giveaway we're talking about is really not all that little.  Try 3 pieces of jewelry and a piece of hair flair!!  That's almost sinful!

So basically, what I'm telling you is that if you start now by following this blog (just click the Google Friend Connect Button on the right), our Twitter feed (again...button on the right), and like us on FB (you get the picture), you will officially only have one small piece of the puzzle left to do when we open the giveaway.  Effectively heightening your chances of banking on this sweet prize.  And let me tell you...it's a beauty!!

Happy Following!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

We're Linking Up!

We are joining a blog hop with Tess over at The Framed Lady.  If you've got a blog, join in the hopping fun!  If you're here as a fellow "hopper" take a look around!  We are launching our Etsy site on September 21st!  This is a new blog so we would LOVE to have you join us!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Getting Excited!

Hello loyal ADKOF fans!  Rachel here again to preview some of our latest designs.  These are things that I personally have done here in the Bahamas and they will all be on our www.differentkindofflair.etsy.com site on SEPTEMBER 21st!!   Don't get too anxious just yet...the etsy site isn't open until the 21st!  In the meantime, I'll leave you with these little gems.  Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and this blog to get some serious perks!  I'm reluctant to let these beautiful pieces go because I would wear every single one!  Hope you guys fall in love with them like I have!

Red Creek Jasper with Pyrite Nuggets on Gold Chain (bracelet)

Silver Plated Infinity Ring Necklace with Magnetic Clasp

Dual Chain Necklace with Kelly Green Turquoise and Elephant Charm

 Silver Plated Chain Necklace with Gunmetal Chain Tassel, Vintage Skeleton Key, and Zebra Jasper

Black and Turquoise Chandelier Earrings with Silver Hammered Discs

Silver Ring Earrings with Hammered Silver Discs

Red Jasper Blades with Silver Accents

Turquoise and Class with Silver Rings Gathered on a Silver Chain with a Rhinestone Magnetic Clasp

So there you have it.  Again, I have to stress that what you have seen here is a PREVIEW!  This is by no means everything we have and there will be lots more to shop through on the 21st!  So keep checking back here and follow our Twitter feed and Facebook to see more of what's to come! (hint, hint...if you're a follower your coupon codes will be more, shall we say, lucrative... ;) )