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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Colors of the Season!

So Pantone does a "review" each season and sort of "predicts" which colors will be hot, hot, hot for the season.  We thought we would share with you their picks and let you be the judge!  And would you believe it...we've already got pieces in our shop in many of the colors!

Of course we LOVE purple!  This shade is so subdued and gorgeous. 

Kind of a cornflower blue mixed with French blue.  Very classy!

This is our personal favorite right now.  We've got 4 new pieces hitting the shop soon in this shade!

For some reason our eye is always drawn to this color.  Maybe because it's so serene?

There is almost always some shade of yellow in the Pantone predictions.  And would you believe it...EVERY time we put a design up in this color it FLIES off the shelf!  So if you see something yellow in our shop that you love, you had better snap it up.  History tells us it won't last long!

This has the wheels in our heads turning.  We've got a HUGE box of beads in all sorts of natural colors.  This linen will definitely make an appearance in our shop soon!

The color of that gorgeous Lapis Lazuli that we love so much!

I would call this peach, but maybe it has more orange in it than peach does.  At any rate, we love this color because it's such a chameleon!

We've got a spectacular piece in this color that we call Satine hitting the shop soon!

Another one of our favorites.  So natural and springy!

So you tell us...which one is your favorite??