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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Womack Women - From Us to You...

Thanksgiving has come and gone.
Lots of family, food, laughter, and love were very much a part of the day.

Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday flew by.
Work work work with a bit of family, friends, dinners, and football games (BOOMER SOONER!).

We 3 Womack women have worked ourselves silly and, although it has been exhausting, we've truly enjoyed ourselves! We also thought that our fans might enjoy a quick picture of the 3 of us on Thanksgiving day! Enjoy the fabulousness...

(Rachel, Nicole, and Bernice)

We also want to thank YOU - each and every follower, liker, fan. There is NO reason for us to be in business if you're taken out of the picture (pun not intended). We truly, honestly want to make gorgeous, quality pieces that you'll love and want to wear for a long time to come. So, from the bottom of ALL of our hearts, THANK YOU. We appreciate you and hope to serve you well!

Visit us any time! http://differentkindofflair.etsy.com

P.S. - It's officially the Christmas Season and we're totally embracing it! Happy Holidays from the 3 of us to you and yours!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Slow Economy? Quick Fashion Fixes!

We read an article this week in a beading magazine that we just HAD to share with you all.  Since many of us are finding ourselves short on expendable cash these days, AND the holidays are coming up, I (Rachel) think more than a few of us are feeling a little overwhelmed with the prospect of 1) Gift Buying, and 2) Holiday Attire Shopping.  This article made an AWESOME observation.  It said the quickest and most inexpensive way to change the look of an outfit is by changing your accessories.  It can be as complicated as a schnazzy scarf or a sweet pair of boots, OR it could be as simple as a different pair of earrings or a new hairdo.  The more I thought about this, the more wisdom I think it holds.  I mean, a little black dress can be one outfit with a cute pair of Toms and some boho chic jewelry, and something COMPLETELY different with some sparkly earrings, an updo, and some sexy pumps.  But the most expensive part of the outfit (i.e.-that perfect little dress) does its job in both scenarios.  All YOU have to do in order to create an entirely different look is change your accessories.

Gift BUYING for other people can become a task also.  You want to make sure the people in your life feel loved and appreciated, but money is so tight sometimes.  How do you come up with a truly inexpensive gift option if you're not the "DIY" type?  And even if you are, sometimes that "DIY" gift is just not fitting for the "recipient" OR you just simply don't have the time to devote to it.  Because the same thing holds true for everyone, purchasing a fabulous accessory for someone as a gift is something like giving them a gift that keeps on giving!  They get something cute and fashionable that will ALSO expand their fashion options!  Quick fix, fab results!

So this holiday season when you hit the stores or those sales, remember that sometimes the simplest gift can be the most profound!

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Inspiration from Days of Old

We're switching it up a bit today... Nicole is the one posting this time! A rarity, I know, but I loved Rachel's post about what inspires her so much that I felt that I should do the same. We 3 designers may be glued together by the law and by our honest-to-goodness love for one another, but we are also quite different when it comes to personal taste... so why not give you a little glimpse into what I find inspiring?

I am certainly the youngest of the Womack women, but I am quite the old soul in many ways - from my choice of movies, books, clothing, you name it. Funny story... after telling Bernice about watching "Leave it to Beaver" the other day and wanting to watch shows like that with my future children, she made a comment to me: "I can totally see you like that, wearing a 50's dress, pearls, and heels in the kitchen."
I just about died. I've tried to tell everyone for YEARS that, if I had the wardrobe, I would dress like that every single stinkin' day of my life. That style just screams classy to me. When I was younger, I would wear a dress every chance I got and the better the twirl factor, the better the dress. There was also a phase where I would only wear pink and black. Don't let me fool you, though; I was quite the tomboy in so many other ways, just not when it came to my clothing.

When I need inspiration for my home decor, my wardrobe, gift-wrapping, jewelry design, etc., I look no further than the days of old, especially those in Hollywood.  My favorite color palette is even classic; my husband's best friend commented to me about that several years ago, saying, "When I think of you, I think of red, black, white, and gray." While his statement couldn't be more accurate, the irony came in what I was wearing: red, black, and white. Ha!

There is a somewhat unexpected aspect about my love for the days of old, though. A huge part of me desires to be a prairie girl, living in the country wearing prairie dresses and aprons while enjoying life on a farm. I blame this on two things: 1) our living on a farm in Oregon when I was very young and 2) my mother reading to me the entire "Little House on the Prairie" series during my youth. A palette of whites, laces, burlaps, creams, and browns with a splash of floral pattern - that's my alternative dream wardrobe, country style.

So there you have it - a pictorial glance at what inspires me in so many different ways.  If you've stuck around this long, thank you so much for sharing a part of your day with us!

Let us know what inspires YOU!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

What Inspires Me...

I stand on the beach here in Freeport with my toes digging into the warm white sand.  I look out over the crystal clear turquoise water of the Atlantic ocean.  I feel the cool ocean breeze on my face, the sun warming my already tanned skin.  I breathe in the familiar smell of seawater and salt.  I see children building sand castles, couples flirting on their beach towels, people napping on beach chairs, locals buzzing through the water on jet skis.  I hear the waves breaking on the beach, the reggae music bumping in the snack shack up the way, and the rustle of palm trees as the wind rushes through the fronds.  And I think, "Wow...what a lucky woman am I?".  For 16 weeks I've had the privilege of living here on Grand Bahama Island, and it's almost time to go back to "the real world" for a while.  So many parts of me are intensely excited about coming home, but there is still a part of me that will always respond to this picturesque seascape that is the Bahamas...

When I go back home, I will definitely be in the creating mood.  Sometimes I just have to take a step back from my inspiration to really be able to capture the beauty of it in a new design.  I have to take a mental snapshot of it, mull it over, create and recreate the piece in my mind, and THEN I can sit down and put it together.  When I'm really inspired by something, I just want it to be PERFECT.  I want everyone else that sees the piece to reckon back to that beautiful seascape that's in my mind.  Maybe even conjure up an image of their own.  In short, I want my inspiration to inspire others!  Not such an easy task...

So in closing, I wanted to share a few pictures of this inspiring scene.  I wanted you all to see at least a glimpse of what I see.  And when my new designs come out, I hope you will be as inspired as I've been!  Cue Caribbean breeze...

Thursday, November 8, 2012

New Pieces!

Hello ADKOF Followers!
First, let me tell you all how excited we are about our growing fan base!  We've been shipping things like CRAZY in the past month and a half, and we are always so floored by how far across this wonderful country we are reaching!  That being said, it's that time of year!  Black Friday/Small Business Saturday/Cyber Monday AND Christmas are all right around the corner!  We will be running some pretty serious promos over the Black Friday weekend and we want our followers to get exclusive access to those things before anyone else does!  But Facebook is terrible about actually informing you guys when we put out a promo!  So we are asking that our followers send us an email address so we can send you the promos and exclusives right to your inbox.  This way you don't miss a sale or a perk!  If you would please either send us a comment or email me directly at islandhousewife@gmail.com with your name and email address, we would be happy to add you to our list serve!  We won't be inundating you with promo emails (I personally hate that myself...), but we do want you to know what's going on first!  Happy shopping and a very Happy Holiday Season (I can start saying that right??) to all of our loyal fans!

Rachel and Your ADKOF Team

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PSS-Check out some of the designs that are slated to go up on the site pretty soon!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

ADKOF Follower Shuffle!

So here's the challenge:

1) We are SO close to 50 followers here at the blog and we are really hoping we can make it to 50 before November 15th.  If you're already a follower, GREAT!  Invite your friends by sharing this post on Facebook (click the little F at the bottom of this post!).  If you're not a follower, FOLLOW US!  We always return the favor AND we want you to gain access to our exclusive follower promos!

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Keep in mind that Christmas (and Black Friday/Small Business Saturday/Cyber Monday) is right around the corner!  Start shopping now and staking your claims.  Cuz you know we here at ADKOF are gonna do it up right come gift season!

Much Love to Our Fans!
Your ADKOF Team