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Friday, July 19, 2013

ADKOF Celebration - Trunk Show Highlights!

Hola, ADKOF fans!

Nicole here. It's a little bit later than I planned (okay, okay... A LOT later), but I wanted to let all of our online friends know about the marvelous time had at our most recent A Different Kind of Flair Trunk Show!

If you didn't know, we recently launched our very own website - www.adifferentkindofflair.com - and boy are we stoked about it! The site itself is a ton of work (which Rachel most graciously takes upon herself) and this whole thing is still completely new to us, but we're always a work in progress no matter how smoothly things are rolling. Take a few minutes to hop on over and check it out, and be sure to let us know what you think!

In order to celebrate such a marvelous milestone, we decided to throw a party in our own way - a super duper awesome Trunk Show with lots of gorgeous things to look at and lovely SALES to go with them! SO many of our pieces sold at the show, so be sure to check and see if your favorite is on the website; if not, we'd be happy to do our best to make another similar to it! Check out the highlights below! So many exclamation points!

Displaying our stash of Emerald pieces.

Emerald IS the color of the year, you know!

THUNDER UP! We have to show our support for our favorite team with a bit of flair!

Earrings galore!

Take a basket and get your shop on! :)

Ah... the perks of being an ADKOF customer.

Midnight in Times Square... still available at www.adifferentkindofflair.com!

Only some of the gorgeous pieces for sale at the trunk show.

One of our favorite pieces to be sold at the show!

Because it's not an ADKOF trunk show without goodies for your taste buds!

Palomino - still for sale at www.adifferentkindofflair.com!
Rachel made this piece right before the show and another one for herself because it is that gorgeous!

 High Tea - still available ONLY at www.adifferentkindofflair.com!

Nicole, Rachel, and Bernice - your ADKOF team!

Thanks for stopping by our humble little blog and spending a part of your day with us! We're planning LOTS of fun things for Fall - including some goodies for our 1 year re-launch anniversary - so keep your eye out for more news from your ADKOF team!

P.S. - We recently met our goal of 200 Likes on Facebook and we're SO excited! A huge "thank you" goes out to our beloved fans for that one. If you haven't done so yet, look for A Different Kind of Flair on Facebook and "Like" us (be sure to add us to a favorite pages list so you can see our updates - check our Facebook note on how to do that)! We love you guys!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Colors of the Season!

So Pantone does a "review" each season and sort of "predicts" which colors will be hot, hot, hot for the season.  We thought we would share with you their picks and let you be the judge!  And would you believe it...we've already got pieces in our shop in many of the colors!

Of course we LOVE purple!  This shade is so subdued and gorgeous. 

Kind of a cornflower blue mixed with French blue.  Very classy!

This is our personal favorite right now.  We've got 4 new pieces hitting the shop soon in this shade!

For some reason our eye is always drawn to this color.  Maybe because it's so serene?

There is almost always some shade of yellow in the Pantone predictions.  And would you believe it...EVERY time we put a design up in this color it FLIES off the shelf!  So if you see something yellow in our shop that you love, you had better snap it up.  History tells us it won't last long!

This has the wheels in our heads turning.  We've got a HUGE box of beads in all sorts of natural colors.  This linen will definitely make an appearance in our shop soon!

The color of that gorgeous Lapis Lazuli that we love so much!

I would call this peach, but maybe it has more orange in it than peach does.  At any rate, we love this color because it's such a chameleon!

We've got a spectacular piece in this color that we call Satine hitting the shop soon!

Another one of our favorites.  So natural and springy!

So you tell us...which one is your favorite??

Sunday, March 31, 2013


So this is Bernice (the oldest of the Womack/ADKOF women – dare I say “matriarch”?) and I thought it was time you heard from me and where I get my inspiration.  I began making jewelry a number of years ago when I came across a box of my grandmother’s costume jewelry. 

Grandma was a flapper in the 1920s and still had quite the “flair” when I was growing up.  She loved jewelry and pretty clothes and dressing up to go to parties.  I like to think I inherited this from her!  It was so much fun for me to go through that box of old jewelry and see what pieces she had chosen over the years – some were very specific colors to go with certain outfits and others could be worn with anything.  I could tell that some of them were her favorites because they were well-worn on the edges and the glass pearls were translucent from the outer color having worn completely off.  Many of her favorites were the very ones I would have chosen.  I took these pieces and restrung and restored them so that I could wear and enjoy them.

  That was my first foray into the wonderful world of beads and crystals and findings! I fell in love!  Then I inherited my Mother’s jewelry box that she had inherited from her mother.  Another stash of jewelry!

  My mother didn’t wear a lot of jewelry, but Nanny loved to wear fine costume jewelry and I remember my Granddaddy telling me how much he loved to buy jewelry for her.  So I began making jewelry that had special meaning for me, using pieces from my mother as well as both grandmothers.  It gave me a sense of self, a feeling of having a little bit of them with me, a passing of the “flair” from one generation to another.  I think this will be my next project:

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Trunk Show!!

We are launching our very own dot com on FRIDAY!!  We are so excited that we decided we needed to celebrate with a Trunk Show!  That's right, all of our available designs will be ready for you to pick up, try on, and fall in love with!  Here are the details:

And yes, you read that right!  Everyone who walks in the door gets a $10 Gift Certificate that you can use RIGHT THEN!  It's basically $10 in free product with no strings attached!  There will be several designs that will be exclusive to the trunk show.  Take a gander at just a handful:

Easter Parade



And these are just a few.  We are debuting 20+ new designs in necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and hair flair!  Don't miss out!

Are you not in OKC where the show is located?  It's ok, you get to cash in on this excitement too!  Starting at 5:00 PM on Friday March 29th, go to www.ADifferentKindofFlair.com, pick your favorites, and then at checkout use the code FLAIR10OFF to get $10 off your total purchase until Monday April 1st!  

We are so excited and we hope you are too.  Here's a little sneak peak at a screen shot of the new ADifferentKindofFlair.com launching Friday!!  

Happy Shopping and we hope to see you all on March 30th for the Trunk Show!

Much Love,
Your ADKOF Team!

Monday, March 4, 2013

ADKOF is Moving Soon!

We're moving and YOU can bank!  Make a purchase at www.DifferentKindofFlair.etsy.com before March 25th and get $10 in FREE PRODUCT during our Launch Weekend (March 30th-31st)!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Saved from the Fire

Here at ADKOF, we're not just a trio of jewelry designers...we're people too!  I (Rachel) saw this awesome prompt for a blog post the other day, and it has not left my mind since.  So I figured where better to post it than right here for all of you.  Hopefully it will give you a little insight into what makes me, well...me!  The prompt asked this:

"If you woke up in the middle of the night to flames licking your ceiling (I mean serious blaze in full throttle) what would you make SURE you grabbed before you ran out the door?  Of course we all assume we'd grab our kids and our significant others and probably our pets.  But what ITEM would you instinctively grab?"

So I thought long and hard about what that would be.  And I kept coming back to the same thing.  My wedding album.  That thing is like 30 pounds, but darnit I would lug that thing out the door with me in a second!  Why??  

1) I'm one of those oldies who didn't have the luxury of social media and digital wedding albums.  Jonathan and I were right on the bubble with all of that.  My wedding album is a photojournalism style album, but it is the ONLY place where all my pictures are.  There is no CD/DVD, they're not all on Facebook, I can't just call my photographer and have them replace them.  What's in that album is all I have!  I heard several people tell me when we were planning our wedding that what's left after the cake is eaten and the dress is boxed up and the flowers are wilted are the PICTURES.  And our pictures captured our beautiful day so perfectly.  Flaws and all!

2) When I was a little girl, one of my favorite things to do with my mom (other than dance to Michael Jackson and Madonna in the living room) was to flip through her wedding album.  She even let me try on her wedding dress even though it had been "sealed and preserved".  I loved seeing my parents so young and in love.  I loved looking at those brown suits and peach tuxedo shirts with ruffles.  I loved how different everyone's hair looked.  How all the bouquets had these beautiful satin ribbons hanging down.  I loved seeing my grandparents looking so young...so very different than the way I knew them.  I loved seeing my aunts and uncles looking so different.  All the men still had all their hair!  I was enthralled with how gorgeous my mother looked.  Her daring scoop neck wedding dress with the organza and lace long sleeves (the style in 1978 was long sleeve and high neck which my mother swore made her look like a football player and she refused to wear something just because it was "in style").  Her delicate and elegant mantilla style veil.  Her beautiful young skin and long dark hair.  She was such a vision!  I remember thinking how lucky I would be if I looked half as gorgeous as her on my wedding day.  

I want my kids to have that too!  If God doesn't bless me with girls, then I'll pass that joy on to my granddaughters.  I want to flip through that album with my kids and show them how grandma and grandpa looked in 2007.  How Daddy's hair was jet black and Mommy was so skinny and they were so young.  I want them to see my dress and my hair and my perfect flowers.  I want them to see how happy we both were on that special day.  I want them to see that "new love" look in our eyes!  That love that hasn't been refined yet by time and life and children.  It's just raw and innocent.  I want them to see our family members all together in one place at one time all smiling and happy.  I want them to remember our wedding day as clearly as if they were there!  Just like I "remember" my parents' wedding day 34 1/2 years ago.  Time flies, people change, life happens.  But there were moments along that way that meant something, and I want my babies to know that June 2, 2007 was one of those moments...

So there ya have it.  That's what I would "save from the fire".  I might be standing out in the street in my jammies lugging a 30 lb wedding album with an armload of kids and a 65 lb dog on a leash, but by gum, I'll have that book of memories to share with generations to come!  

So, dear readers, what would you save??

Friday, February 1, 2013

FREE Earrings!

Yep, you read that right!  Now until Febraury 8th, we are offering a FREE pair of "The Love of My Life" Earrings (pictured in the flyer below) with every purchase of $25 or more in our shop!  So go pick out your favorites and hurry to our shop!  Stuff is flying off the shelves with this offer...don't let your favorites get snapped up!  Remember also, you can send that special someone a link to your favorites.  After all...sometimes they need a little help right?? ;)  Happy shopping and Happy February!

PS-All purchases made by February 8th are guaranteed to get to you on or before Valentine's Day!
PSS-We've got some AWESOME new pieces in the shop right now!
PSSS-We will keep you posted on our move to www.adifferentkindofflair.com which is coming soon!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

DIY Jewelry Organization Inspiration

Nicole, here! The youngest of the Womack Women posts again!

Anyone with a Type A personality is my friend. Seriously. Okay well maybe not anyone, but you know what I mean. Organization and I get along – we get along so well, in fact, that there’s actually a lesser known term for my kind of people: Type Double-A. Yes, like the battery. I got that term from my mom, but I know exactly what she means.

My house is not perfectly clean and organized. That drives me crazy, but it’s a fact of life that I cannot keep everything pristine at every moment of the day.  However, my life runs on organization. I’m a list maker TO THE MAX. I have to write things down in order to not forget them. I have to cross those things off of my list in order to feel like I have accomplished something in my day. I have to know where things can be found and found quickly. I’m the person that eats the same dang thing for breakfast every morning because I know what to expect – how long it takes to accomplish, how long I will be full, how long I have until I crash from lack of energy (my schedule is a little wacky because of school so I often have to skip lunch or eat it late).  In order for me to cook in my kitchen, it has to be clean and orderly when I go in there to start. 

I’m getting off topic here, but the point is this: I love organization in all aspects of my life. I despise clutter. Loathe, even. End of story.

That’s why I looooove when everyone gets on New Year’s Resolution or Spring Cleaning kicks and begin organizing various aspects of their daily lives.  LOVE it.  No sarcasm here, folks!  It gets my juices flowing, in a sense.  I’m always re-organizing stuff in my house and trying to come up with more efficient, effective ways of running things.

When my personal blog feed fills up with DIY organization tips and ideas, I get all giddy inside.  I got especially giddy when I found several people posting about JEWELRY ORGANIZATION – know why?  Because that’s an area that I struggle with in the organizing realm.  I’m better than I used to be, but gosh darn it’s kind of difficult!  So many little pieces that can find themselves in so many odd little places… then if you travel with them, have particular pieces that you wear all of the time, or have those that need to be tucked away for special occasions or are family heirlooms… and if you don’t have a whole lot of wall or storage space (ahem…), it can become quite a tricky little situation.

THAT is why I got especially giddy about my blog feed.

I just want you to know the following things:

1.) The following people have found exceptionally cute and/or functional ways of organizing their jewelry stash.  Obviously, it’s a hard thing for some of us (ahem…) to accomplish, but these folks have done a fabulous job of sharing their genius with the world.  They thought it was important enough to share with others, so I’m just passing that along.

2.) If you’re struggling with your jewelry organization, You Are NOT Alone! I mean, sometimes there is just so much cute stuff to go through and showcase, right?? And this stuff takes time! You could be the person (like me) that has to try out several different options of organization to figure out what works best. And that is a-okay.

 3.) If you’re not one of those Type A/AA people, You Are NOT Alone! It can be overwhelming to be so organized and there are a lot of things that take priority over organization in this world.  I will tell you this, though: if you organize your jewelry, you will probably get a lot more use out of the stuff you already own. Period. And we all like getting our money’s worth. That’s why we complain if our sub sandwich is 0.5”-1.0” too short, after all (if you have no idea what I’m talking about, follow THIS LINK).

If I haven’t already scared you off with my ramblings, take a look at these lovely people’s creative and useful tips, tricks, and ideas for organizing their favorite accessories. Maybe take an idea and try it out for yourself. And go to their site for their organizing experience in its entirety – I promise, it’s worth the click!

Tonya created her own cork board to display her lovely accessories.
 I love that she spells out her project step by step - remembering that for later!

 Megan used a thrift store bulletin board for her display and totally made it her own.
 I seriously love the texture of that cork and the fact that she didn't have to make it! Time is money.

Ahna used leftover wooden box lids to create her jewelry display.
 Seriously love the pattern and how savvy she was with those boxes - way to be crafty!

Brandi (#1) created this burlap earring display.
 I'm a huge lover of burlap for sure, and talk about easy access!

Brandy (#2!) created an entire wall space for her jewelry.
I'm seriously impressed by this. I just want to stand there and look at everything!

This is my personal favorite - Shauna used vintage teacups! Swoon.
Isn't it just so lovely?! I wish I had the space to do this for myself. I'm a bit jealous.

And there you have it! HUGE thank you to these lovely ladies that shared their ideas for all to see. I commend you! I'm so anxious to get to organizing my jewelry now. There are so many other organization ideas out there for jewelry. Find one that works for you and go for it!


P.S. - If I ever get around to truly organizing my own jewelry (better than it is now), I'll be sure to let you in on that action!