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Saturday, September 29, 2012

It Makes You Stronger

Well folks, tonight's ADKOF post will mirror a post on my personal blog (www.caribbeanislandhousewife.blogspot.com) this week, but I just had to share.  Nicole and I have been so incredibly inspired and amazed at the progress that Bernice has made throughout her process of surgery, recovery, and now chemotherapy.  I get texts and pictures from her often, and when I do they really make my day.  Without fail they put a smile on my face!  We've talked before about her starting
"Chemo Kumihimo" (check it out here), and this week I got a picture of her doing just that.  And, as always, she's looking completely smashing:

I can't wait to see what the finished product is!  Those gold faceted beads are beautiful!  At any rate, we wanted to update you all on her amazing progress and share an official Chemo Kumihimo picture with you all!  Don't forget to hit the Etsy Site this weekend and claim your 20% OFF COUPON before this Monday October 1st at midnight!  Enter code ADKOFLAUNCH or OKCFAN2 (if you're a local customer who would like the pick up/delivery option) to get your fab discount!

P.S.-Girls. make sure you show your hubbies and bf's and dads and sons what you like on our site!  We will be starting a promo for our "men folk" to go on and purchase stuff FOR YOU here in a few weeks!  

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